California North Coast: The Final Frontier

Mendocino When settlers first went west to arrive at the rugged, intimidating Pacific Ocean coastline, they were met with thick, ancient redwood forests and unexplored wilderness. Thick with unspoiled flora and fauna, the thick, humid air hung low with ocean fog, loosely blanketing hillside rainforests abundant with lace ferns and moss as soft as carpet.

The population boom subsequent to the gold rush of 1849 and the oil grab soon thereafter was the beginning of the end for the serenity discovered throughout the this western edge of North America. Fast forward through the industrial era and rapid urbanization resulting from ship building in the Bay Area and drilling throughout southern California and that thick ocean fog is replaced with oppressive smog. This is only made worse with the lack of mass transit, massive traffic volume daily and valleys surrounding the Los Angeles area.

The final vestige from the madness and population explosion to which most of the state is bearing witness can be found in the furthest reaches. Beyond the hustle, bustle, horns and exhaust lies an oasis where you can get away from the noise and air pollution. You can take a break from the pushing, shoving and yelling and take in California for what it was intended; the land to breathe easy and feel small on the eastern shore of the largest ocean in the world.

Technically just north of San Francisco, the North Coast of California stretches up the coast toward Oregon. It is where you can cleanse yourself of all the modern-day burdens and stresses plaguing society. But to truly find yourself, you’re going to want to head about 3 hours north of the Golden Gate Bridge until you find yourself in the small town of Mendocino.

With parks throughout the area showcasing the unmatched regional natural wonders, Mendocino is known for its integration with the surrounding rugged natural landscape. So much so, this to where many residence have fled the burdens and ills of society and urban living. And despite the vast wilderness across the northern coastline, the region is still steeped in rich history and culture all its own. From the redwoods forests to the rugged Pacific coastline, Mendocino County is truly a gem to behold.