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Season For Dungeness Crab Is Open


Season For Dungeness Crab Is OpenNorthern California has some of the best crab in the country and Dungeness crab season is now open.  It is the perfect time to take a trip to Mendocino County and start catching the crab.  “Crab populations appear to be strong coming off another record-setting year in the commercial fishery,” said Department of Fish and Game (DFG) Senior Environmental Scientist Pete Kalvass, who oversees the Invertebrate Management Project.


Catching crabs does have regulations to follow.  Carsonnow.org mentions them as, “There is no limit to the number of pots or nets that can be fished recreationally, except when fishing from a public fishing pier where only two fishing appliances may be used. Recreational crabbers may keep up to ten Dungeness crabs per day, or six crabs if fishing from a party boat south of Mendocino County. No one may possess more than one daily bag limit, and no Dungeness crab taken from San Francisco or San Pablo bays, which are important crab nursery areas.”


“Dungeness crabs generally prefer cooler northern and central California waters and are uncommon south of Point Conception. They are usually found on sandy or sand-mud bottoms at depths of less than 300 feet, although they can be found in almost any sea floor habitat, and have been documented down to 750 feet. For more information regarding recreational Dungeness crab fishing regulations and other crab species, please visit the DFG Marine Region website at www.dfg.ca.gov/marine/invertebrate/crabs.asp


Cleone Gardens Inn is located about a quarter mile from the beach, MacKerricher State Park, and Ten-Mile Dune Preserve, just north of Fort Bragg in Mendocino County.  Being located so close to the shore makes us a perfect spot to quietly enjoy some fishing and crabbing on the Northern California Coast. People who are looking for a nice spot to go out and crab can stay with us and enjoy private bathrooms in a comfortable atmosphere.



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